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Quotes I stumbled upon The Briar, as I call it, while exploring downtown Bloomington in a fit of boredom. As I walked into the store, the first thing to greet me was the pleasant aroma of tobaccos and an armada of travel gear. Then my jaw dropped as I saw the cigars adorning the wall and the pipes laid out in all their splendor. As soon as I managed to scrape my jaw off the floor and wipe the drool from my chin I delved right in. The place is truly a gem for an outsider such as myself. The staff is well educated in their product, and then some, and extremely helpful and friendly in demeanor. Their selection is extensive, and I wish I had the finances to go every couple of days. I almost always find someone interesting to talk to when I go, as their smoking lounge is often utuilized. A fantastic place. Quotes
Bert Ramsey
Occasional Tobacco Smoker

Quotes The Briar and the Burley is quite simply a diamond in the rough. This is a Bloomington institution, with a huge collection of high-quality cigars and pipe tobacco. This rarity alone would be reason enough for us quality tobacco enthusiasts to make a pilgrimage, but on top of it all, they also have a huge selection of high quality luggage, bags, shaving supplies, humidors, writing instruments, and many other quality day-to-day items that tend to be forgotten about or replaced with short-lived, temporary, or replaceable junk. That is key: there is no junk here. It is a rare place indeed where one can sit in comfort, enjoy a cigar or pipe, and have engaging conversations on any topic with complete strangers. It is easy to forget how socially isolated we become in this age of instantaneous electronic communication, and a place like B&B really soothes the soul of this. It is always a pleasure to step through the doors. Thank you, gents! Quotes
Ethan C.
Customer, Regular, B&B Emergency Flood Response Team

Quotes I love supporting good local businesses, and this one is an awesome choice! The combination between their great customer service, friendly atmosphere and the amazing products they sell makes this place a Bloomington staple. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful and the product never dispapoints! Quotes
Rob Girvin

Quotes Fantastic selection PLeasant relaxing atmosphere and, most important of all- Very friendly, helpful staff Brian Dotson Quotes
Brian Dotson

Quotes I was a "now and then" cigar smoker coming out of high school, and as a new freshman exploring campus, came across the Briar and the Burley. Every time I go into the store, they have what I want or need and help me in a quick and friendly manner. I am now more of a pipe smoker and the Briar still satisfies every need. Most other stores back home don't carry a pipe inventory because of the cost, but the Briar has a huge selection so you can see and hold the product before you buy. The in-house pipe tobacco blends are great. I've purchased everything from a pipe rack to Merkur DE razors there, and every time I am satisfies. Quotes
Benjamin K
IU Student

Quotes I first started going to the Briar and the Burley as a cigarette and cigar smoker a few years ago. They carry a wide variety of high quality cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco you aren't likely to find anywhere else in Bloomington. If you are a cigarette smoker, I highly recommend exploring Peter Stokkebye's tobaccos, as there simply is no better blender available in the US as far as I'm concerned. These days I don't smoke cigarettes and rarely smoke cigars, but when I have a little extra money I still head over to the shop. They have a wide selection of high quality imported pipe tobaccos, and a staggering selection of good pipes. Fans of meerschaum will not be let down, I've bought a Baki freehand here and it is just about the best smoking pipe I have! The knowledgeable and friendly staff is happy to help with any questions you have, and maintain a great selection of almost everything they sell. A rarity in the US, they even carry a selection of dry snuff. This is a fine shop! Quotes
Colin M

Quotes I've been going to the Briar & The Burley for many years now, and every time it's an enjoyable experience. The odor of the store, that of tobacco and leather, is very manly. Quotes

Quotes I was introduced to the Briar by my friend and I have fallen in love with the place ever since. Over the course of the year I have really enjoyed the cigars they offer and their products are of high quality. But what I really like about going to the Briar is the atmosphere. Mike, Matt, and Jon know many of the customers, including myself, by first name and are extremely friendly with everyone who comes into the store. I have witnessed all three of them deal with stressful customers with utmost respect and courtesy.. The staff always keeps the lounge clean and stocked. But, I really enjoy meeting new people and the Briar facilitates the ability to do so.I have made some good friends and I have gotten great life stories. There is no other business that I truly care about and have great memories of. But, even if you are not out to make friends, the lounge does offer a quite sanctuary for reading a book or listening to music while enjoying a fine tobacco product. Quotes
Ty Strahl
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I travel a lot, and I enjoy visiting tobacconists wherever I go. It gets no better than Briar & Burley. If you enjoy smoking cigars and pipes, and you live near Bloomington, this is where you want to go. Quotes
Mike Davis

Quotes Briar & Burley is a place I am drawn to at least every week. The atmosphere of the shop is exceptional for those of us who enjoy fine cigars, pipes and tobacco, or quality leather goods. But even more the shop's staff inform and help me explore what I and many others enjoy. Topping off the shops attraction is it's smoking lounge, which offers a unique meeting place to enjoy a quiet smoke or join in friendly conversation with others. I always leave the shop more relaxed than when I came. Quotes
Mark Oldstrom
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